Sniper School
Master The Keys To Becoming 
A Knock Down Shooter

This Isn't Some Random Workout!!

Sniper School Is Built Upon 3 Truths
Game Specific Methods That Build Shooters In Any Player
Produced Results In 1000's Of Players In San Antonio Over The Last Decade
Has The Same Principals That Spartan Trainers Use With Pro Players
Training Lead By 
NBA Skills Trainer Tim Springer
Danny Green
Toronto Raptors
George Hill
Milwaukee Bucks
CJ Miles 
Memphis Grizzlies
Tim just spent 2 1/2 weeks in Italy working with the pro team Passalacqua Ragusa....teaching The 4 Pillars Of Scoring Curriculum. 
These Score Like A Pro Workouts are the same training Tim gave in Italy!!
July 7th 
Elementary (3rd - 5th): 12PM - 130PM
Middle School (6th - 8th): 145PM - 315PM
High School (9th - 12th): 330PM - 5PM
Castle Hills Christian School / 2216 NW Military HWY
Players Must Bring A Ball
2019 Spartan Basketball